Borophosphosilicate Glass Thin Films in Electronics

This comprehensive monograph summarizes the 30-year studies of borophosphosilicate glass (BPSG) thin film used in electronic technologies, including the authors personal experience with the film deposition, characterization, and implementation in microelectronic technology. The main core of the monograph is the interrelation of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) kinetic features, thin film material properties, and electronic device technology aspects. Part one of the monograph is devoted to the analysis of thin film synthesis, such as: CVD methodology and BPSG film processes, silicon dioxide and glass film growth kinetics, CVD step coverage and gap-fill features. Part two of the book is a description of BPSG film properties, film structure, glass flow capability, BPSG film-moisture interaction and the film defect formation phenomenon. A number of experimental data are presented and discussed in detail.

Монография: Vasilyev V.Yu. Borophosphosilicate Glass Thin Films in Electronics / Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2013, p.p.1-243.

ISBN: 978-1-62417-959-4 (hardcover)

ISBN: 978-1-62618-034-5 (ebook)

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